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When you choose Islands Travel, you choose the very best for your special day. In todays world of instant online access to unlimited information on travel options, you might be wondering why it makes sense to plan your honeymoon with Islands Travel.

It’s simple! We take the time to get to know you, and we mean really know you. We block out 90 or more minutes on our calendar for all initial appointments so that we can get to know your likes, dislikes, expectation, needs, wants and dreams! We promise you won’t feel rushed! Doctors don’t even schedule that much time for a visit! If daytime doesn’t work for you, we can schedule appointments to suit your schedule. We’re not just a 9 to 5 agency. We’re all about what suits YOU!

Next, we’ll take what we’ve learned about you and match those factors with your budget, schedule and out insider connections with the best travel providers. We’re here to answer your questions and design a vacation that is perfect for you. No website or cell phone app can serve you as well as our “personalized” way! We invite you to give us a call. You won't be disappointed!